The Orpalata Review is a monthly magazine devoted to news, gossip and reports of happenings in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas. We are a small magazine, with a circulation of only 15,000, although we have approximately 20,000 on-and-off readers of our blog, which we began in 2010. The Orpalata Review is named after a small Indian tribe that before the European influx used to live in the Atlanta region, and it was founded back in 1953 by Mrs. Beatrice Weathersby, an Atlanta socialite. Originally she published her little magazine only for her socialite friends, but ultimately others heard about her publication, and after Mrs. Weathersby’s death in 1973, the circulation began to grow. It has grown about as far as it can now, without becoming an entirely different sort of magazine, so we are pleased to be exactly where we are circulation-wise at this moment, and our only wish is to stay where we are.